3-day Summer Weekend Photography Workshop

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It’s summer time! Aside from the traditional summer outings, provincial vacation and travels, students will be very much interested in finding summer jobs and workshop not only to be more productive on the warmest season of the year, but also to learn new knowledge , enhance their skills, and have lots of fun. In response to this, we’ve created this 3Day Summer Weekend Photography Workshop to be conducted by Mr. Reynaldo Mendoza with the theme: “Drawing with Light on the Summer Height”. Hands-on Photography workshop – covering the fundamentals of photography, excellent starting point for beginners , review of the basics and guaranteed learning!


  • April 20 – Basic Photography Workshop
  • April 27 – Advanced Photography Workshop
  • May 4 – Image Post-Processing Workshop with Photoshop and Lightroom

Where:   Unit 04, Lower Ground, Cityland 9, Makati City

Workshop Fee:

  • Php 2,500 /session or day
  • Php 6,500 – for the 3-day weekend workshop (Less Php 1,000 off the regular price)


  • Whole day workshop;
  • Live Model Shoot;
  • Certificate of Completion;
  • Food and Snacks;
  • DVD reference; and,
  • 4R prints of your work (delivered via LBC)

Workshop Capacity:  10 – 15 seats only

What to bring: Yourself and an insatiable thirst for photography knowledge; a digital SLR camera with controls for aperture and shutter speed, camera manual (if possible) and a flashdisk or firewire cord for downloading your photos to a PC/laptop.

…why should you attend this workshop?…

  • Guaranteed learning! lots of hands on sessions – not just theories. We explain the concept and we will let you do it.
  • Sharing of professional experience- things you would not learn via tutorials.
  • Portrait session on the afternoon, (live Model Shoot!) practice what you’ve learned!
  • Certificate, Free 4R prints of your work
  • Reference DVD – free offline and online resources , review when you need it
[jtab/] Basic ::

Workshop Details

Basic Photography Workshop Outline


  • Why are photographs important to us?
  • Digital Photography Work flow

2. A comprehensive but simple explanation of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO (exposure triangle) Learn this and you’ve got the basics covered.

  • How do they affect your photo
  • How do you combine settings on ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed
  • Hands-on , setting ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed on the camera

3. Techniques (all with hands-on sessions)

  • Composition techniques
  • Shooting form
  • Buying accessories
  • How to choose your camera – or your next one
  • Choosing lenses
  • Choosing wisely

4. Software to manage your digital photos (free and commercial)

  • Getting your photos to computer, print and web (Post Production)
  • Free software to manage your digital album
  • Free online and offline resources to enhance your learning (DVD resource give away)

5. Portrait Session

  • Live Model Shoot
  • Studio set-up with lighting
  • Learning simple lighting set-up
  • Learning how light affects our photos


[jtab/] Advanced ::

One Light Photography

  • Model Shoot
  • Portraiture
    • Posing techniques
    • Using natural light and/or One light
  • Using Flash
  • Off -the- camera Flash
  • Light Modifiers
    • reflectors
    • snoots, grids, v-flats
    • playing with shadows

Advanced Techniques

  • Working with Studio Lights – 2,3,4 light set-up
  • in-camera techniques, no photoshop required
  • Long Exposures and Light Painting

Zone System

  • why cameras behave as they do
  • getting the exposure you want
  • understanding histogram in your camera
[jtab/] Post Processing ::

The Post processing session is a “bring your own laptop” session. Techniques are presented then you are given time to repeat the process to maximize learning process. A basic understanding of Photoshop and Lightroom is helpful but not required.


  • When to use Photoshop
  • Portrait Techniques
    • What to sharpen
    • What to soften
    • Cropping, Rotating Techniques
    • When to use Bleack and White
  • Actions – record repetitive tasks
  • Blending Modes


  • When to use Lightroom
  • Lightroom workflow
  • Lightroom Techniques
  • Portrait Techniques

 About the speakers experience in Photoshop and Lightroom

Rey Mendoza has been using Photoshop for more than 15 years, he teaches Photoshop at various schools like DLSU Manila and Lyceum University. He is also the Adobe User Group Manager for Philippines. Being a professsional photographer, he uses Lightroom a lot for his events photography. He regulary conducts seminars and is a sought after speaker in the field of Photoshop, Graphic design and Web Design.

[jtab/] Registration ::

Reserve Now!

To reserve a seat ,register on the form below, pay workshop fee (partial or full) via bank deposit, send your deposit slip via arviesurio@gmail.com or reymendoza@gmail.com and wait for our confirmation of your registration.


For inquiries, you may contact:

Arvie Surio
Mobile : *0927 620 9103
email: arviesurio@gmail.com

Reynaldo Mendoza Jr.
Mobile :*0927 938 5210
email: reymendoza@gmail.com