A Better Place to live

Around 8pm last night my sister sent me an SMS that there was a bombing on Ayala, Makati. Although she was unharmed, they were just a few hundred meters from the incident. People were running all over. She was also on a bus on her way home and some people who witnessed the incident also got on her bus on their way home. They were shocked to say the least, they were still reeling from the incident.

As a daily commuter, this is something to think, and maybe get scared, about. But I need to go to work and earn a living, so I just pray that the Lord protects me from harm. But we all need to contribute to our safety. What can we do?

Maybe we can ask the conductors to inspect the luggage just to lessen the threats. And since this blog is about Design Talk, I’m thinking of having metal detectors installed in the front doors of the bus. That way everyone gets to be inspected. And close the second doors of the bus permanently. Design can contribute to safety, in fact, luxury cars are designed for safety.

Maybe it’s high time we ask for laws that make bus franchises think of designing for safety first before profit. It’s the right thing to do, and the life we save maybe ours, or our loved ones. I definitely believe it’s worth the try.

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