A Useful Plug-in and Web Developer Resources

I’m using Mozilla Firefox because of it’s extensibility. With plug-ins and/or extensions you have got more than a browser.

Recently I tried using StumbleUpon extension for Firefox and signed up for a free account while making choices on what subjects I want. I got really excited when I tried using it on the subject of Arts. It was really awesome! The quality of websites that it lets you browse are really good. In fact, I had to stop myself browsing the sites it featured because I might spend the whole day using the extension!

The next day I used it for browsing the subject of Web Development so I can use the plugin for searching ways to help me at work. And help it did. So many websites out there that can help me in my work and StumbleUpon had done the dirty work (ok, the contributors did!)

StumbleUpon helps you discover great websites.With a single click, you can find and share cool sites matched to your interests. Download it now!

More on web development, I believe I have ranted upon Mollio.org a month or two before because they are giving away css positioned web design templates and they are really good. And now I have found another resource similar to this – Ruthsarian Layouts – Check it out as they have more templates than Mollio and they have tested it in a variety of browsers and have enough documentation so you can edit the designs.

Be forewarned that you as the developer should try to make the template better by editing it and adding some enhancements. It’s a mark of a good designer, take something good and make it special. That’s what creativity is for.

  1. Free CSS/HTML template roundup (found at lifehacker.com): Ruthsarian Layouts – 6 good-looking, free CSS page layout templates, complete with colors, headings, etc; Bluerobot Layout Reservoir – 2 and 3-column page skeleton CSS layouts; Glish CSS Layout techniques – Two, 3 and 4 column skeleton CSS layouts; The Layout-o-matic – enter page width, number of columns, and padding and it generates CSS and HTML skeleton layout; Little Boxes – various box layout CSS stylesheets; Open Source Web Design – various complete page templates free for use; Web Builders’ Toolkit – more links to template resources.
  2. With , you can create two distinct styles of rollover button, using CSS and just one image. The difference here is that you can optionally allow some background space above your image in which to place CSS- controlled rollover text.
  3. – using some very simple PHP and CSS you can create intelligent menus that are easy to use and maintain
  4. Text Generators: (16 languages), , , .
  5. : Smart tips, tools, tricks, news and facts, tools and services.
  6. – you’re "stuck" on figuring out the perfect address for your web site? Search for expired or dropped web site domain names by keyword.
  7. : code snippets and proof of concepts – the links should help get you started on building your own functions with XMLHttpRequest.
  8. by Mark Boulton
  9. @ 456bereastreet
  10. : "…input elements should be organized in logical groups so that your brain can process the form layout in chunks of related fields."
  11. – Christoph Paper
  12. & : Combo Tester and Web Color Gallery allow web developers to see how different color combinations work together on the screen.
  13. Metallic Colours, Pastel Colours, 2x Colours, Skin Tones
  14. enables you to create 24-bit color schemes online – beyond the so-called safe palette. (IE 5.5 or higher)
  15. : 1 in 12 people have some sort of color deficiency. When you’re designing for the web, this means that 1 in 12 people might not be able to see your site. That’s alot of people. This tool helps you simulate the appearance of our site’s colors for people with different color visions.
  16. : 12 color chromatic wheel similar to the theoretical chromatic circle. Find and simulate the harmony of your web interface.
  17. – "a site for playing with colors" contains 19655 colors and 6387 schemes.
  18. – there is a form at the bottom of this page that lets you choose any URL you want to extract colors from. The colors you see are from the site that referred you to this page.
  19. : CSS Border Test, Colourway, Colourband, Colourband Text, Colour Increments, Internet Explorer Scrollbars, RGB Converter, DOCTYPEs
  20. Patterns: , , , .
  21. All You Need For Accessibility – Tutorials, Tools, Books, Validators, etc: part 1, part 2
  22. : NicheBot.com combines the Overture keyword selector tool with tools for Keyword Analysis, Keyword Thesaurus, Keyword Lateralus (for lateral thinking ideas for keywords) and even a tool to check keywords and site rankings according to Google. (via www.yellow-llama.com/blog/)
  23. is an all in one tool to check the number of pages that link to you in AlltheWeb, AltaVista, Google, HotBot, MSN Search, and Yahoo!, as well as check for your site’s presence in DMOZ and Zeal.
  24. : Link Popularity Check, SE Saturation-Index Check, Keyword Verification Check, Meta Tags Optimization, SEO – Optimization Articles, Unbranded SEO Tools
  25. : Link Popularity, SE Saturation, Keyword Position / SERP, Google PageRank, Bulk Google PageRank, Google PageRank: Indexed Pages, Alexa Rank, Bulk Alexa Rank
  26. : an overview of German, European and international search engines, search engines news etc.
  27. : Designlinks – German Link Ressource; das deutsche Design & Web design Verzeichnis.
  28. : a directory includes 1616 sites in categories Web design, Flash, Tools online, Media, Editor web, Developers etc.
  29. will lead you down the yellow brick road of standards-based web design.

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