APC South Tour at Tagaytay ( Caleruega)

The day Manny Pacquiao fought Marquez the second time around, the Accenture Photography club (APC) was busy at Tagaytay having our photo shoot. This also coincides with the Cebu APC having their own photo shoot at the South Side.

There was also a contest on both manila and cebu participants on 3 different categories, travel and place being one of them. A beginners luck maybe but I won that category (travel and place) and 1st place no less! And to think that photo I entered was something I took out of the album the second time I rummaged thru my shots. If youre wondering about the photo, its about a grand staircase I took with my sigma 8mm fish eye at the Caleruega. on my Canon 400d

Below is the flash album on google’s picasa

What I had fun with was making the the Virtual Reality (VR) photography where you can pan around 360 degrees sideways , upward and downwards, real 360 virtual tour! Interested to see that VR? head on to my personal site at reymendoza.com

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