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Photography Class is fun!

As much as i love teaching, there is no substitute for actual shooting, this is where you really learn. This is from the Visual Communication class of CAS (College of Arts and Sciences at LPU Laguna

Lightroom 5 : Speed up your Workflow

The correct Lightroom workflow can make your business more profitable, scan through hundreds, even thousands of images and get the correct shot fast. Make edits via presets based on the combination of your camera and lenses. Create the album in under 30 mintes. Make video slideshow in minutes. and spend […]

Simulate a Photography Studio on desktop

Photo Light PRO is a revolutionary software that simulates a professional photography studio. •Learn, practice and teach lighting when you cannot be in the studio, save time and money •Plan your studio shoots beforehand •Design creative lighting techniques for unique photos Just $6.99 for a limited time!

King of the Mountain 2014

Photo and Video Coverage of the King of the Mountain 2014 at Timberland Heights. Ariana Dormitorio once again ruled the women’s category for the 5th time in 5 years! There were about 400 participants in the race. See the 360 virtual tour of the KOTM 2014 below; View All photos at Facebook 

The Silent Screams

Men do not voice out their problems. In most, if not all cultures, men has to be strong, or at least perceived to be strong. Doing otherwise will earn you mockery. No man wants to be mocked. that is just unacceptable for us men, or unthinkable. But we do fail. […]

Photography Class at Global Innovative College

I am teaching the Photography class sessions at Global Innovative College this summer 2014. Check it out and enroll now! =============================================================++ If you want to discover your talents, hone your skills or simply spend Summer productively, GCIC SUMMER CAMP is the best choice for you! Choose among our innovative Summer […]

Graphic Expo 2013 – Responsive Web Design and Photoshop Video

I’ll be speaking on the topics of Responsive Web Design and Photoshop Video in Graphic Expo on June 21 at the MOA. Date: June 20, 2013 – June 22, 2013 Location: SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines REGISTER NOW! For more details visit –