Big Brother is proud!

Last week, I attended my sister’s graduation. She ( Desiree Mendoza) just finished her Fashion design course at the prestigious Fashion Institute of the Philippines where Renee Salud is the director. For the uninitiated, Renee Salud is a household name in the Fashion Design business (in the Philippines).

Back to my story, there was a fashion show to showcase all the works of the graduates where they imitated the “Project Runway” reality TV show. Out of 40 aspirants, they were trimmed to 25 finalists. There was the formal wear, corporate wear and the Filipinana wear competition. Winners were announced for each category.

Although she did not win in those categories, She won a special category – Best Fashion Illustrator! When these special category was announced, I immediately knew she was a finalist.She has been a perennial winner in these kind of contest, and they narrowed down the finalist to 5 and she was announced the winner, I jumped to my feet and applauded. My sister just became the best Fashion Illustrator in the fashion business!

Watch out for my sister, Desiree Mendoza, she will be a household name in the fashion business, that I have no doubt.

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