Digital Usability Testing

I just stumbled on TechSmith’s MORAE , an all-digital usability solution that lets you see real users – including their verbal and facial expressions – as they experience your software, Web site, or Web application. Morae allows you to collect valuable data to improve user experience, navigation, information finding and much more.

I was thinking of making this program (as a service) available to business owners by buying the license (P$1298) and offer the service of digital usablity testing at a lower price, of course. This would be a win-win situation for guys like me because I can offer a service (which only big companies can do right now) at a reasonable cost and business owners can avail of this and improve their bottoms, so to speak.

I have not heard of companies (at least here in the Philippines) offer this kind of service. This may be a good idea, hmmmmm…

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