Disabled workers: The untapped work force

This is a news clip from US but the concept is universal and can be adopted anywhere in the world.

Disabled workers: The untapped work force
Abridged: Philadelphia Daily News

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Would you be surprised to learn that the broadcast color analyst for a major league baseball team is blind? Blind since birth, he’s never seen a baseball game, but he knows it instinctively. His command of the stats and the players makes him one of the best!And he’s not alone.

It’s time to discover the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. The limits for people with disabilities are shrinking every day, and yet the need for good workers is growing. As these two facts collide, there is hope that the staggering unemployment rate for people with disabilities will finally begin to fall. The rate hovers between 65-70 percent. It’s been that high for a long time, much too long!

This is insanity when you consider unemployment rates overall are near historic lows and the worker shortage is growing as baby boomers begin to retire. Society needs this largely untapped job pool. Hiring people with disabilities is not charity, it simply makes good business sense.
Enable America, a national non-profit that promotes the benefits of hiring people with disabilities, and HireAbility, a Philadelphia-based non-profit that helps people with disabilities find jobs, are working together to shatter the myth that people with disabilities are not as good as able-bodied employees.

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