Domain Name dilemmas

What’s in a name? sometimes none, sometimes it’s everything. So, have got your own domain? If you have a unique name, chances are you can wait until you are ready to make your own site before buying your own domain name. But if you have a very common name, buy it now or check it from WHOIS if it is still available.

I recently bought my own domain name – – and redirected it to my blog as I still have not finished my own site. Ironic? Yes, but not unusual as most of my friends who does web design hasn’t finished their own. Maybe because most designers are perfectionist and we dont want something unpolished in our own site.

But this kind of thinking is not productive. So I am promising myself that I will finish my site in a month’s time. I’ll be having Smart Bro wifi installed at home by next week so I dont have to rely on starbucks, seattle’s best and netopia for my surfing needs. Ah yes, I’ll need testimonials from my satisfied clients to boost my site 🙂

Go get your own web presence, buy yourself a domain. By any other measure, it’s cool to have your own domain name. forget the others things I have said, hahaha!

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