Flash gallery webpage with email ordering

I’ve just finished another website for a photographer client Miss Sofia Genato – http://www.thestorkstudio.com/

The website design is clean and simple. but that doesnt mean that it did not go through a lot design revisions, because we really wanted to achieve a certain look and that needed revisions here and there. But it was well worth the effort.

Another feature added was to have a client page where each client album was password protected. That was the asy part via cpanel. What was challenging was how to make the web gallery and teach the client how to upload it via FTP. and the client should be able to select the images and email those selections to the photographer. Another consideration was these had to be in flash to make the images a little harder to grab.

It turns out that all this can be done via Lightroom, and the web gallery album used was – LRG FSS Select – Version 1.1 Here are the features;

# Scrolling Horizontal strip of images
# Can display 800+ images
# User can select and comment on images and submit the list to you via email.
# Selected images are listed with details in the email thats sent as well as a comma separated list so you can copy and paste those images into Lightroom’s Find feature and instantly pull up the images that were selected by the viewer
# You can use Left and Right arrow keys to scroll through images
# Uses PHP send out emails, please make sure your server supposts this(most all do).

This is a perfect template for pro photographers!!

Of course if you need to customize it, you can do it via Lightroom or better yet via XML, which you can edit in Notepad. Here are the steps I did to make it easy for my client

# Create folder in the server (webhost) via Cpanel
# Password Protect the folder – via Cpanel (dont forget to click save button)
# Log-out on Cpanel
# Create web gallery in lightroom, customize settings
# Upload via FTP on Lightroom
# Youre done!

You can even add paypal payment if that’s something the client wishes, of course in Philippine settings, there are still few who wants to pay via Paypal, I think the better alternative right now is pay via texting (gcash or smartmoney), via bank or via ATM cards online.UCPB (bank) even has a one time payment module so you can protect your accounts. And Credit cards of course 🙂

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