Good Habits and Good Payoffs

Examples Of High Lifetime Payoff Habits
from: Living the 80/20 Way: Work Less, Worry Less, Succeed More, Enjoy More by Richard Koch

Habit:    Daily exercise
Payoff:  Much better health, more attractive body, feeling great

Habit:    Daily intellectual exercise
Payoff:  Keep alert, increase intelligence, enjoy thinking

Habit:    Doing one altruistic act a day
Payoff: Makes you happy

Habit:    Meditating or quiet thinking each day
Payoff:  Clear mental clutter, make better decisions

Habit:    Daily nurturing of your lover
Payoff:  Keep him or her; make them happy

Habit:    Always give praise or thanks where possible
Payoff:  Makes other person and you feel good

Habit:    Save and invest 10 percent of income
Payoff:  A future free of money worries

Habit:    Being generous to friends
Payoff:  Deepen relationship, feel good

Habit:    Always having 2-3 hours of pure relaxation every day
Payoff:  Renew your energy, keep happy and healthy

Habit:    Never lying
Payoff:  Evokes trust, enhances reputation

Habit:    Keeping calm and relaxed always
Payoff:  Feel good, better health, longer life

Habit:    Focusing on what matters to you
Payoff:  Making more out of less

Habit:    Deciding never to worry: always to act and not worry or not act and not worry
Payoff:  Peace of mind, reduction of effort

Habit:    Habitually asking yourself how to get more with less
Payoff:  Dramatic improvement to any situation

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