Great Photography

Just launched a new site for my photographer friend –

No, do not visit the site because I promoted it, visit it only if you want to see great photography. This guy is a genius when it comes to composition. and again dont take my word for it, visit his site.

There are many categories to choose from if you want to see his work, ranging from landscape, landscape with figures, fashion, still life, people, home interiors , wildlife, digital art and digital paintings and foodshots which has not yet been included yet.

His specialty is wedding photography. He has done so many “who’s who” in wedding photography. and the guy says he’s a graphic artist first before he is a photographer. You can see the proof by checking out his wedding album layouts.

The design of the site, like most photographers want is based on flash galleries. I used freeware flash gallery by – Simpleviewer andAutoviewer. the colors are mostly neutral, to make the photos stand out. because thats what photographers site should be, about photos. Not so much on the design because the goal is to present photographs, so the photos should be neatly presented.

I used Picasa to export the flash gallery, then tweaked and customized the xml part to suit my client’s taste and preferences. I actually did so many designs before we got to the final design, but I was more than happy to build this project. As a amateur photographer myself, I just marvel at rommel bundalian’s work. he is just so crafty, not to mention talented in his line of work, and he tries to learn everyday and by no means satisfied at the moment.

Dont take my word for it, check out one great photographer.

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