New Stuff in the Internet

Google has formally launched its desktop search application, after a comparatively short beta test period of just five months.

Version 1.0 of the desktop search application adds a number of new formats to the list of file types searched and addresses many of the privacy and security concerns raised after the release of the initial beta version last October. Check it out.

We are trying out Camtasia Studio version 2 to aid our DLSU Help Desk in making simple tutorial videos for network and dial-up guides. If it turns out to be alright, we will recommend it to admin so that we may buy a license. Here’s the link to their website.

And finally, I have updated my website, digital restoration, you can now see some details of my photomosaics – for the uninitiated, mosaics are thousand of pictures carefully arranged to form another figure, oh, what am I saying, head on to my site because it is better explained visually.

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