Number 1 at Google!

Our pinas website – is the top result when you search for the keyword “pinas”. Pinas is short for Pilipinas which is the tagalog word for Philippines.

What does this mean? this means that we are the top ranked page/website for this keyword and means that more than 14,000 pages are linked to us. (Google needs a minimum of 14,000 outside links to your page to consider it “worthy” of its page ranking.) It is actually very hard to be on top 10, let alone be the number 1 result for a desired “keyword” in Google.

Companies pay Google to be ranked alongside the top results for a keyword, and get this! Google does not have a price for a keyword, you actually have to bid! the highest bidder for a certain keyword gets to be presented alongside the top results.

We also receive a minimum of 10-20 requests per week that we add their links to page from the pinas website. We approve about 80% of that requests. That’s also the main reason why we get linked to may websites.

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