Photoshop Actions

Recently a friend of mine was having problems on photoshop actions.


I’m trying to use File > Automate > Batch to convert a folder of images from .psd to .jpg format. No matter what I try a dialog box is displayed for each image asking me to specify .jpg characteristics. How can I suppress the dialog to make the process automatic?


According to Adobe support, “By default, Photoshop doesn’t maintain the compression settings recorded in an action if the action is run with the Batch command on unsaved JPEG files. Instead, Photoshop prompts you to enter the compression/quality settings so that you can specify different compression levels for each new file.”

As unintuitive as it sounds, here’s the workaround:

When you record the action be sure it includes a File > Save As… command in which the .jpg settings are specified. Don’t worry about having to provide a folder and file name before clicking OK. These will be overridden in the File > Automate > Batch dialog.

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