Photoshop for Photographers

DLSU Manila and brings you “Adobe Photoshop for Digital Photographers” A one day – intermediate to advanced – seminar to teach you to create stunning images , in shortest time possible,  by understanding the finer points of Photoshop

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Photoshop for Photographers


Specifically geared for photographers and enthusiasts, Rey Mendoza, professional Photographer and Photoshop guru shows how to enhance photos and transform them into stunning images, in the shortest time possible. The one day course covers the basics of correcting, retouching, beautiful black and white conversion by understanding colors, sharpening for print and web and professional color correction.

DLSU certificate of completion, lunch and exercise files accompany the course in dvd-rom,

Attendees should have a basic understanding of Photoshop, this is an intermediate to advanced course.

Topics Include:

1. Understanding Adobe Camera Raw – endless combinations even on JPG
2. Add copyright to your image digitally and see them uploaded to websites automatically including Facebook albums and photos
3. Channel Selections – select even hair
4. Sharpening details (differently from web and print)
5. Understanding Resolutions for web and print
6. Professional Color Correction – techniques magazines use
7. Understanding Photoshop Actions – Let Photoshop do hundreds of work for you while sip coffee!
8. The magic of Blending modes – create artistic looks, create light!
9. Professional way of adjusting brightness, contrast, levels and hues
10. Beautiful Black and whites, not just conversion to desaturated Images
11. Reducing digital noise (especially those shot with higher ISO)
12. Smart use of Adjustment Layers and Smart Objects
13. Using commercial and open source Image database (Bridge, Picasa, etc)
14. Beauty Retouching Secrets
15. New features of Photoshop CS6 – for photographers

1. A sneak peek at upcoming Photoshop CS6 , and a beta version
2. Free Photoshop plug-ins in dvd-rom
Date and Venue:
May 19, 2012 at DLSU-Manila
9am-6pm at SJ 212
Price Php — 3000

For reservations & inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Mina Faigal-Balosa
(632) 523-4357 telefax
(632) 524-4611 loc 304

Mr. Allan Borra