Photoshop Podcasts

To say that I love photoshop is an understatement. I think I can grow old with this software as it lets me express my ideas in infinite ways.

Well before anyone can begin expressing his or her ideas, you have got to learn how to use it. And in this point of time, there are new ways to learn photoshop.

Enter Video podcasts. These are free video broadcasts from experts that teaches photoshop. What better way to teach photoshop than videos. These are softwares that tackes visual effects so you have to teach them visually.

These are some of the podcasts that are available:

Want more?

Yahoo! has launched a new directory for podcasts. Yahoo! Podcasts indexes podcast series and individual shows from across the Web, complete with detailed search results, most popular and highest rated lists, editorial picks, and a full collection of tools you can use. The tools include ratings, reviews, and the ability to tag audio content, or view the tags that other people add.

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