Plaque of Appreciation from Philippine Government

Last week, I attended a Post evaluation meeting regarding the recent National Webmasters’ Interface on Accessible ICT for Persons with Disabilities. The Agenda was to have more plans of action for the proposals that was made during that conference and Awarding for some individuals and websites who have complied with accessibility guidelines of the W3C.

I was surprised that the DLSU website (which I previously worked on) was one of the recipients of the Accessibility award. Surprised in the sense that I thought the site needed some more work before it gets the acessibility award. I guess it does deserve this award because we were one of the first to execute our willingness to comply not only on intentions but on actions.

The other accessibility award was given to Jojo Esposa of the MCCID, which recently has been Mr Accessibility Webmaster (at Cebu) and a member of the Guild of Accessible Website Designers, a worldwide association of professional organisations, web designers and developers working together to promote the use and preservation of accessible design standards

NCWDP, NCC & DSWD also handed out plaque of appreciation awards for me, yours truly, for delivering a talk on CSS (Cascading style Sheets) as an accessibility tool to make “disabled-friendly” websites.

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