ReadSpeaker PodCaster – Easier and Accessible alternative

ReadSpeaker PodCaster is an On-Line service that makes news feeds automatically accessible to more people in a high-quality and cost-effective way.

There are thousands of companies, blogs, government bodies and other organisations trying to make their news and content accessible as a text-based RSS feed. Podcasting and “Pod radio” are technologies where the RSS feed is enriched with a link (called an enclosure) to an mp3 file. This is widely used by radio stations, national and international commercial and non-commercial broadcasting companies, on line news papers, and so on.

Producing a podcast generally requires access to a recording studio and sound technicians. The requirements are similar to what is used in a radio/recording studio. Many organisations do not have the capacity, resources or time to make their information accessible in an audio format.

With ReadSpeaker Podcaster, the process is automated through text-to-speech (TTS) technology. This means that there is no need to record and publish news items and updates.


Many types of organizations can benefit from transforming their RSS feeds into podcast feeds with ReadSpeaker Podcaster, including:

# Organisations within the public sector
# Small/medium/large companies and corporations
# Non profit organisations
# Disability organisations
# Blog owners

Increased Accessibility

ReadSpeaker Podcaster is also an excellent solution for people that have problems with reading text, for various reasons. For example, those who are visually impaired, suffer from low vision or low literacy, dyslexicsand people that, assimilate information better by having the text read. These groups in particular benefit greatly from automated systems like TTS.

More details at the ReadSpeaker website…

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