Success! Manila World Usability Day

Yes, despite having zero funds at the start, we think that the World Usability Day, Manila leg is a success. In collaboration with Regnard raquedan of UP, Dean Caslon Chua of DLSU CCS, Jazmin Chong of IE dept (DLSU faculty), help and support from the DLSU web team and and ITC director Brian Co.

Both the event at UP diliman, National Computer Center and DLSU at Gokongwei building was full packed. The audience participated, maybe it helped that we throw t-shirts at the end of each talk and gave away calendars that looked like more of a usability book. The calendars and t-shirts were given by World Usability day organizers in the US and sent thru Fed-ex. And the overall consensus was it helped them understand usability. (no, not the t-shirts, the talk!)

Next year would be a bigger and better celebration of World Usability, again with the help of other people, this is an event to anticipate.

Usability. learn it. use it. and reap the benefits.

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