The Amazing Google Docs

Amazing. This is what I can say about Google, and that should be an understatement for the rest of us. I’m writing this blog directly from Google docs which is powered by Google writely. I found it on my gmail header, the former spreadsheet link was now docs and spreadsheetlink. I just had to try it out.

Here are some features I found:

  • You can write documents and save it as text, rtf, html, word, open office and even pdf
  • It automatically saves at certain periods. (no crashes here)
  • You can edit the html format. for a web designer(like me) that is good 🙂
  • It produces clean and lean html, and possibly accessible documents
  • There are drop-down menus to format your documents, good usability techniques
  • You can publish your documents to your blog and it’s easy as a-b-c to set it up, took me 10 seconds though

With this open source tools and the likes of open office and portable apps , who needs microsoft? Not me, definitely

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