I have not find time to blog lately because I really wanted to focus on my new job as a User Interface designer, I know I have to learn things fast and that was both fun and time -consuming, not that I complain. And so this artwork was just a product of me missing my time to produce artwork from photoshop as I usually use photoshop to create web-ready graphics.

The title “uninspired” is because I just wanted to create an artwork for no particular reason (yeah thats what artist do!) and I just picked up anything in photoshop to create this. The photo I used is from my friend http://www.rommelbundalian.com , a great photographer and artist as well ( he recently won an adobe contest, worldwide, my friends!)

And I wanted to have this thing go daily if time permits, just push myself and produce artworks which is usually, if not always, a self-expression (at that particular point of time).

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