We had a bang at the CSS workshop

The CSS training and workshop that I conducted at NCC – National Computer Center was successful thanks to the help of NCC, NCDA and PWAG. Special mention goes for Mam Grace Amberong, Miss Nelia De Jesus and PWAG president Jojo Esposa. The participants was also very interactive and asked a lot of questions which signified their interest.

Participants came all the way from Bacolod (Rebie Relator), Aringay (Elvira PAjo), Bicol University (Jose Michael Appan) and from Phil Rice Institute in Nueva Ecija (Marlon Velayo and Arturo Arocena). Food was great and I still had time to do some card magic (yes, magic!) at the end of the the course.

Web Accessibility was promoted by Jojo Esposa and all participants were willing to be part of the solution after his talk, meaning they all want to make their sites aceessible after they learned about it.

Photos are available at at my picasa website

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